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Charlie Brush
Magical Chimney Sweep

  "Bringing Good Luck  And Magical Entertainment To Your Wedding"

"Better Than Money Back Guarantee. Get The Service You Demand With The Peace Of Mind You Deserve."

When booking entertainment or wedding service, there's always that nagging feeling, are they any good?  Will they let me down?  Am I doing the right thing?

For this reason, I don't offer you a "Satisfaction" (?) guarantee like other, NO I offer you the ONLY genuinely measurable money back guarantee going.

When you book Lucky Chimney Sweep Charlie Brush, you will hear your guests laugh, you will see them applaud and you'll experienced them cheering. It's the kind of good time you get, and my guarantee. 

"Many thanks for being  at our wedding. You kept our guests entertained particularly Sam! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks once again."

Phil & Hannah Collins, Warrington. 


I should point out that Charlie Brush is NOT a real chimney sweep but has the blessing of the National Federation of Chimney Sweeps to perform this service.

So why should you book him and not a real sweep?

Most sweeps don't what to do this (some are even downright hostile to the tradition) and of the ones who do, how many have over 30 years  of experience as a presenter and entertainer?

Ask yourself this, "What do you want? Some bloke who can stick a brush up a chimney or someone who'll bring an element of fun to your big day, can stand in front of a gathering of people and knows how to entertain them?"

Also, how many wedding lucky sweeps give a money back guarantee? (Non that I know of) For that matter, how many magicians offer a money back guarantee? Few (if any) and if you do find one, do they give you just the balance or the full fee?

But you want a better than money back guarantee, so how about this? Not only would you get your money back in full, but you also keep the gifts. 

A better than money back guarantee. 

"We have no problem with referring you to other people.  Very, very well prepared very well executed, overall, superb and outstanding. Very impressed, thank you."

Mr & Mrs Lochlin, Warrington.

BUT WAIT! I want to give you even MORE! 


If your guests don't laugh, don't clap and fail to cheer, not only would you get a full cash refund, not only would you keep all the gifts but I will even give you, out of my own pocket, £25  just for wasting your time.

Now That's A Guarantee!!!!!

But get this, not only have I NEVER had a booker take me up on the guarantee but I even get testimonials like these:

"Booking you was so easy and the service was excellent, we got more than our money's  worth.  I would happily recommend you to others. Thank you so much for making our party extra special."

Kirsty Owens, Warrington. 

"You were without doubt brilliant and our guests are still commenting about how you managed to do the things you did.  Should we need a magician again we'll definitely ask you"

Simon & Louise Ray, Cheshire.

To get peace of mind, great entertainment and good luck at your wedding, don't take a chance, go to the expert and  ask about availability  or call me on:

01925 414500  or  07984 644205

but do it now to avoid disappointment.

Member of Equity

NEVER hire an entertainer without 

Public Liability Insurance. (PLI)

All Full Members automatically have

£10 million in PLI cover

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