Charlie Brush
Magical Chimney Sweep

  "Bringing Good Luck  And Magical Entertainment To Your Wedding"

“So Why Do People Prefer To Hire  Charlie Brush And Not A Real

Chimney Sweep?”

Here's Just Seven Reasons.


1,  They want someone with years of experience who can stand in front of a crowed and make an entertaining presentation.

2, They don't want it to cost the earth.



"From the minute you arrived, it was magical. The story was amazing and as I looked around you had every bodies attention. You made it special."

J. Bailey, Wrexham.


3, They need someone with suitable Public Liability Insurance as a performer because many venues insist on it.*

4, They need someone who'll work well with the Photographers.

5, Most chimney sweeps don’t want to do it. (see no.3)


"Charlie was fabulous, informative and very entertaining.  He will certainly attend my other children's weddings."

Kim Lee, Wigan.


6, They also want a magician and know it's cheaper to hire one person, not two.

7, They’ve already seen him at a wedding and/or he’s been highly recommended to them.  

"This was the second wedding you have surprised my daughters and their guest's,  you have an excellent entertainment profile and they all enjoyed the day. The smiles on both my daughters faces said it all."

Barry Haworth, Rochdale

* Please note, Equity Public Liability Insurance covers against loss/damage or personal  injury to someone or their belongings by the entertainer/presenter, whilst said entertainer/persenter is engaged in any activity of performance, relating to a performance in any location.  (When a real chimney sweep gets soot on your dress or stands on your veil and rips it, will THEIR insurance cover it?  Mine would.)

Member of Equity

NEVER hire an entertainer without 

Public Liability Insurance. (PLI)

All Full Members automatically have

£10 million in PLI cover

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